17 May 2012


Last night was one of those nights. Last night was one of those nights that grabs at you and holds on... Last night was one of those memorable nights. Not for the events that transpired, I suppose, but instead for the small things that made this night grand. The mist on the mountains, the rain and how it fell, the way the evening light settled upon my little Ketchikan, Alaska.

I'll miss this all when I'm gone. Deep down I will always be a person of this rainforest and its habits.
I drove through the island and I was filled with admiration; never in my life would I declare anything as more beautiful than my bit of nature. When I got home, I stood in the rain for a while and I let the drops curl my hair.

I want to leave. I want to go to Finland, live in Kuopio, and become a Finn. I want to learn the language and think all the thoughts of Suomi that I can. I want to leave so badly because I know it is my time to go out into this world and do all that I have dreamt of doing- but I will always and irrevocably hold a love for Ketchikan in my heart.

Yesterday morning I received a card and a photo from my kindergarten teacher. The card was beautifully designed with a beautiful message inside, telling me that I was destined for great things and reminding me of my scholarly roots. The photo showed me at 5 years old with a grin half full of teeth and eyes brimming with excitement. I'm poised as if I almost want to run off- an adventurous spirit already developed. And most of all, I am wearing the colors of the Finnish flag. If only 5 year old Alexa Zelensky could see where 18 year old Alexa Zelensky was going.

To a brighter future than had ever been imagined.

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